Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

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Signs Your Car Needs a Tune-Up

If your car engine stalls, hesitate, misfire, or cannot start, it needs something, albeit a tune-up in most cases may not be the solution.

If you tell an auto mechanic in the UAE that your car needs a tune-up, the specialist should ask if you have experienced any signs before they recommend any service. The same way a doctor would ask the symptoms you have when feeling unwell. An excellent auto technician should quickly tell the problem and recommend several tests to ascertain the issue.

To speed up the process, be ready to describe what happens to your car when you are with your mechanic. For example, when the engine is cold and doesn’t ignite or drive at top speeds, any sound your vehicle produces and what you feel is not in excellent condition.

One important fact you should know about fuel economy:

It will reduce during the cold months, and maybe even more. Colder temperatures strain the charging system and the engine, forcing them to work harder. Winter gasoline produces less energy content as opposed to summer gasoline blends. Hence, they deliver fewer miles per gallon.

So, what are the vital signs to watch out for when considering a tune-up?

Misfiring Engine

This is when the spark plugs ignite unnecessarily because of either fouled or worn spark plugs. Faulty spark plugs may also cause low fuel economy, slow acceleration, and hard starting.

However, most plugs should deliver at least 100,000 miles. Engine computers do an excellent job of compensating for worn plugs. Therefore, this may not be the only issue.

Clogged or Dirty Engine Air Filter

A clogged or dirty air filter reduces acceleration as compared to fuel economy. Filters collect dirt with time, and it may be difficult to notice a slow loss of performance until your vehicle accelerates slowly. But if the filter hasn’t been changed for years, it could cause the problem.

Engine deposits resulting from contaminated or low-quality gasoline cause driving complications. The solution for this may be fuel system cleaning, either by a gas-tank additive or a UAE auto repair shop.

An Old Oxygen Sensor

A worn-out oxygen sensor that has covered over 90,000 miles may function well that it may not affect the check engine light but could still compromise hurt fuel economy.

Severe internal issues may also compromise engine performance. This may include worn piston rings, or valves that sit incorrectly, or by a weak performing exhaust system.

However, the same signs could indicate other issues, and there are always a few potential causes and solutions. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a professional auto mechanic instead of trying to be one if you don’t have the experience or the tools to solve drivability issues.

Instead of asking a car mechanic for a tune-up, tell them what your car is behaving and ask them to diagnose it first.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance auto shop experts always diagnose clients’ cars before recommending any solutions. Contact us today for a quick solution for all your car issues.


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