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Mechanical Repair

At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, our auto car mechanical repair technicians will inspect your oil cooler, radiator, thermostat, link rods, and critical components of your vehicle. And top off all fluids and make sure your car has proper transmission and balance.
Other than these, our car mechanics are pleased to offer these additional services:

Thermostat Change

If you have lived in the UAE, Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman areas as long as we have, you know pretty well how hot it can get in summer.

That is why we are reminding you to visit us for thermostat replacement. We will check your thermostat to see if it is in excellent condition.

We understand that you have invested a lot in your vehicle. So, please do not leave it at risk of breakdowns and overheating. Allow one of our certified car mechanical repair technicians to look at your vehicle. We can advise you on what you need to do to get ready for summer.

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Water Pump Change

While your water pump is a minor component, it plays a crucial role in your vehicle. It is located inside the engine block, either on the side or front. It is attached to the and controlled by the timing belt.

The function of this pump is to circulate the antifreeze or coolant via the engine block to stop the engine from overheating. If the water pump is faulty, the engine will overheat and result in permanent damage.

You can’t drive your car when the water pump is not working. Because Smart Choice Auto Maintenance cares, we will do water pump replacement on your vehicle and get you back on the road immediately.

Before the water pump, we always check a car manufacturer’s recommendation because every engine has its own belt drive system settings. Hence, we observe any instructions.

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Fuel Pump Replacement

The function of the fuel pump is to send fuel from the gas tank to the engine. Technically, fuel pumps are powered electrically and can be found either on or inside the fuel tank.

The cost of fuel pump change depends on the car model. Deciding to change the fuel pump only happens after our car mechanics have assessed the problem with your vehicle, and that the issue isn’t electrical but related to other complications.

One sign that your fuel pump has a problem is that your vehicle will refuse to start because fuel is not flowing to the engine. When you switch the ignition, the pump motor within the gas tank will not activate.

Periodic loss of power is another sign of a faulty fuel pump, especially when you are travelling at top speeds or when speeding up. However, if the fuel pump is okay, then the issue may be the fuel pickup device located inside the fuel tank- it may deliver insufficient gasoline or it may be blocked.

So, if you notice any of these signs with your vehicle, do not hesitate, bring it to our auto repair center for faster and affordable service.

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Oil Cooler Change

The oil cooler is located near the radiator. Its function is to cool and lubricate the engine. It does this by making sure it controls oil temperature so that once oil flows into the internal engine parts, your vehicle will not overheat.

“How will I know my car needs oil cooler replacement?”

Here are common signs to watch out for:

  • The engine performs poorly.
  • Coolant contains oil impurities.
  • Coolant is scalding.
  • The engine is stuttering and stalling.
Why You Need Smart Auto Maintenance Experts to Solve this Problem:

Just like the coolant cooling system that works through different devices like the oil cooler tubes, it is a component you don’t want to be damaged.

With a potential of power loss, overheating, and insufficient lubrication, there are viable reasons to hire an expert car mechanic to test your car’s engine before things get worse.

You surely don’t want oil cooler to be the reason to spend a lot of money on the gas bill.

At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, our auto technicians are fast and efficient, meaning they do not have the overhead that other auto repair centers have and can save you money and time in performing the service.

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Radiator Change

Have you ever pondered, “I want to fix my radiator, and who would do it for me, like a pro?”

Your car’s radiator is instrumental in your car’s heating and cooling system. If it is faulty, your car is highly susceptible to overheating, which may cause car mechanical failure or worse.

It is wiser to fix your radiator than spending more on expensive repairs.

We recommends timely radiator maintenance services to ensure the heating and cooling system functions effectively, to prevent engine overheating.

The condition of your radiator should always be monitored and diagnosed, especially during hot weather or after interminable driving periods.

Stress-Free Radiator Repair Service Provider

A radiator malfunction may be because of many factors. Normal wear and tear, and age, can cause severe complications if left unsupervised. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance radiator routine checkup prevents engine breakdown or overheating.

The prime function of any radiator repair service is to keep you on the road. Among the best practices for an effective radiator, maintenance is to drain the coolant, which becomes typically ineffective with age, resulting in a cold engine.

Plan Your Radiator Repair with Us Today!

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is here to provide you with world-class radiator repair services in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. We will ensure your car keeps the correct temperature by diagnosing and servicing all parts of the cooling system.

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Glass Door Motor Replacement

Car glass damage is not restricted to your windshield alone.

A broke auto glass door puts you and your car at a risk of the weather and exposes your vehicle to burglary. Your car interior and other valuables aren’t protected when using a patch or temporary fix on the broken glass door.

If your glad door is smashed in an accident or broken from road debris, contacting Smart Auto Choice Maintenance to replace your glass door is the best way to get your vehicle back on the road faster.

When you book an appointment without technicians, they can repair your vehicle whenever or wherever it is ideal for you.

We are local in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman, with more than ten locations ready to get you behind the wheels, with fresh new glass doors.

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Front and Rear Shock Absorber Change

Do your vehicle’s shock absorbers require replacing?

Many drivers have heard of shock absorbers, but only a handful understand how important they are to the safety of your car. Just like other parts of a vehicle, the shock absorber can wear out with time.

This calls for replacement. Knowing the best time to change the shock absorber is not common. The lifespan of a shock absorber depends on different factors such as the mileage drove, model, make of the car, as well as the road surface you drive on.

Advantages of Partnering with Us?

Our Car mechanics will save you a lot of time since they can mechanical repair your vehicle at any time of the day. Plus, we have a technical team that is always ready to respond to your request and answer your questions.

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Lower Arm – Upper Arm Change

Collectively called control arms, the lower and upper arm are essential safety parts of your car. To drive right, and to have stability and safety, the control arms must be in the right shape.

When the lower and upper arm is faulty, you may notice the following issues:
  • Your car pulls to the right or left.
  • Your vehicle pulls sideways when you brake.
  • Your car will make squealing and clunking noise.


What to expect from Out Auto Repair Experts?

Our technicians will scrutinize your car and remove the obsolete control arm. They will then replace with a new control assembly.


We advise that you consider wheel alignment when replacing the control arms.

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Front & Rear Axle Change

You should always ensure both the front and rear axle are inspected to avoid expensive repairs down the road. Car axle repair can increase dramatically if you happen to replace both axles.

The function of the axles is to power both the front and rear of your car. Because these parts are always rotating, they need regular maintenance and repair to stay in shape.

If you don’t repair your bearings in time, you’ll be forced to service the axles, which may be costly.

Front Axle Repairs versus Rear Axle Repairs

Having Smart Auto Choice Maintenance technicians conduct the front axle repair keep the moving parts from wearing down the connection edge near the transmission. Repairs on the rear axle protect the moving components inside the differential.

“My Car Axles Have Problems, What Do I Do?”

Contact Smart Choice Auto Maintenance auto care center if you experience shaking, shimmying, or shuddering while driving your car. It is better to inspect the drivetrain parts for issues before they demand a replacement.

Our car mechanics can identify developing problems with a visual inspection after placing your car on the rack. While you may buy some time with lubrication, the best way to go is to replace the axles to keep your car in safe driving condition.

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Front and Rear Differential Replacement Services

A front-wheel-drive car features a transaxle which acts as the transmission and front differential. It is advisable to conduct regular differential repairs for the healthy maintenance of your car.

Differential service maintenance ensures your car’s front and rear differential are adequately maintained over an extended period. The service involves replacing the front or rear differential fluid at intervals.

This, in turn, preserves the performance and life of your front and rear differentials. It also guarantees protection against corrosion and rust in both the front and rear differential.

Why Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is the Go-to Differential Auto Service Center

We are one of the leading providers of differential repair services in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. We are happy to provide you with a premium quality differential repair service. We care about your wallet and thus provide value for your money the best way possible.

What to expect from Us?

We will check fluid levels in both differentials. Identify the damaged gears in the front and rear differential. And then locate the source of grinding sounds before we service your car.

What are you waiting for, visit us or call us today!

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Tie Rod Replacement + Alignment

Most vehicles use a rack and pinion steering system that utilizes tie rods to move the wheels. Tie rods come with both inner and outer ends. When you move the steering wheels, the tie rod transmits the force from the steering center link, which then pulls and pushes the wheels in your desired direction.

The inner tie rod end is closest to the center of the vehicle. It is wrapped in the steering rack boot, which has grease. Meanwhile, the outer tie rod is enclosed in a small rubber boot and connected to the steering knuckle.

Why Tie Rod Replacement is Important

You should ensure the tie rods are inspected, repaired, or replaced if you recognize any issues. The most common problem you may experience with the tie rods is rubber boot, moisture penetration, or insufficient grease.

Lack of grease causes friction between metal parts, and corrosion from dirt and moisture. If repair is not done on time, the tie rods may separate, damaging steering control completely, and this can be extremely dangerous if you drive at top speeds.

Tie rods will start to clunk, rattle, and produce a knocking sound if they are faulty. Sometimes, the rods may show no signs. As such, an Car Mechanic needs to inspect them.

Experts at Smart Choice Auto Insurance are ready to help. Schedule an appointment or contact us for more information.

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Clutch Plate / Finger Plate Change

If you need a clutch plate/ finger plate in Sharjah, Dubai, or Ajman, and you are looking for experienced car mechanics at a reasonable rate, we are here to help!

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance provides topnotch car repair services in different services, including clutch plate/ finger plate replacement.

Clutch Repair Specialist with a Keen Eye to Detail

There are different types of clutch issues like clutch chatter, whereby your car shakes when you press the clutch. This is due to the impurities found inside the clutch disc for the leaking of the hydraulic fluid or oil. Sometimes, we can tackle this problem by resurfacing the flywheel.

Clutch drag occurs when the clutch disc does not release, even when it is pressed thoroughly. This may be because of a poorly fixed clutch. This also means you must replace your clutch.

If you notice any issues with your clutch, car mechanics at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance can fix it. We fully guarantee our work. Reach us on +971 52 939 4400.

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Steering Box Replacement

The power steering rack helps in the steering’s transferal wheel movements to the steering angle of your vehicle. It is one of the most crucial components that affect the safety and comfort of your driving.

So, we will not understand the complications that may happen if there is a fault or issue with your steering box.

Replacing the steering gear is not an issue for Smart Choice Auto Maintenance because our auto mechanics use the latest equipment for all steering box repair. Our company is staffed by experienced car mechanics with years of experience, thus being able to provide world-class services.

The services offered by our Smart Choice Auto Maintenance auto repair center involves:

  • Disassembling the steering parts and checking for damage.
  • Evaluation of all elements, including parts that can’t be used because of default replaced or damage.

In short, we will assess the steering control valve, the pinion, the toothed rack, and the housing- these will receive professional mechanical treatment from our team at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance.

After repairing the entire steering box system, it will be assembled with the renewal of Teflon rings, O-rings, and guides.

Smart Auto Choice Maintenance believes it is essential that after gearbox replacement, all the parameters will typically be functioning.

The gearbox system is vital in the power steering system. Book an appointment today and let the best auto repair shop in the UAE help you out.

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Steering Pump Replacement

The steering pump system lets you reduce the power required to overcome the resistance of wheels while turning. The steering pump in the hydraulic system is fueled by a drive belt attached to the engine.

The pump produces pressure that forces the hydraulic fluid into the steering gear to allow the toothed bar to move.

How Car Mechanics at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance Do Steering Pump Replacement?

You can quickly tell if your power steering pump is malfunctioned by seizure or leaks. A default pump produces a wailing sound. Replacing the pump needs removal of the steering fluid from the expansion tank, removing the drive belt, and disconnecting the pressure hoses.

Last, we may disconnect the pump from the engine block. We will then fit a new pump in a reverse manner. It is essential to refill the power steering system with new hydraulic fluid when installing a new pump. We then get rid of the air from the system and refill the fluid to the perfect level.

What We Keep in Mind:

Replacing the pump is also an ideal chance to check the conditions of the power steering hoses and the drive belt. We will then conduct a test drive after the replacement procedure to check if the system has any leaks and make sure it works perfectly.

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Hydraulic Repair

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance offers the Complete Hydraulic Repair Services!

We offer repair services for different hydraulic parts, including motors, pumps, actuators, servo valves, power units, cylinders, and valves.

We service all industries- small and large. Any hydraulic unit we receive for repair or replacement is disconnected and cleaned for inspection. Then we check all the precision fits for tolerances. Broke, worn, or missing components are noted for replacement.

Once we are done with evaluating the hydraulic system, one of our specialists will give you a reasonable quotation for the price of the repair.

Once you approve it, we will clean the unit again, re-verify the tolerances and repair the hydraulic system.

Our auto technicians will either replace or recondition all contact surfaces and install new bearings, seals, and other parts.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance has created the industry’s dedication to open, and closed-loop pump test stands. Furthermore, we conduct tests to make sure all units measure up to the required standards.

We test all stepping motors and valves on machined-controlled, multipurpose, and personalized test stands.

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Transmission Work

From automatic to manual transmission work, Smart Choice Auto Maintenance in Sharjah knows how to solve the problem. Our experienced auto specialist will evaluate the situation and guide you in making the right decision.

So, leave the dirty work to Smart Choice Auto Maintenance.

Our transmission services include the following:

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission changes gear automatically to maximize driving and shift gears based on your throttle pedal, engine speed, vehicle speed, and vehicle load. A standard automatic transmission has between 4 and 5 forward gear ratios, neutral fear, and a reverse park. Shift gears are automatically activated once your car is in the drive, and there is no need for a gear shift or clutch pedal like there is in a manual transmission.

Automatic transmission repair is a complex process based on all parts it comprises, and you need a knowledgeable auto technician to handle automatic transmission problems correctly.

Contact Smart Choice Auto Maintenance on +971 52 939 4400 and let us help with your transmission problems.


Both automatic and manual cars have clutches, and each design has its types of clutches. While changing gears, the clutch engages and disengages to transfer torque via the transmission. Clutches are designed to you your car start and change gears swiftly.

As a result, clutches go through a lot of wear and tear and can eventually get damaged. If you notice your clutch slipping abnormally, or is producing uncommon noises, talk to Smart Choice Auto Maintenance to see if you need clutch repair or replacement.

Four-Wheel Drive Transmission

A four-wheel-drive car features differential gears, a transfer case connected to the transmission and front and rear axles. Four-wheel drive cars need proper maintenance on the transfer case, transmission fluids, and differentials. Visit the Smart Choice Auto Maintenance repair shop for service on your four-wheel (4*4) car transmission services. Alternatively, you can reach us through the phone number +971 52 939 4400 or email us at [email protected].

Manual Transmission

A car with manual transmission involves the use of the clutch pedal and gear shift to change gears based on the speed of the vehicle. Most manual transmissions come with two to eight gears.

Front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive are the initial setups for manual transmission. Manual transmissions need less maintenance as opposed to automatic transmissions.

At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, our car technicians can assess your car and recommend the transmission services or repair you may need to make sure your vehicle is safe, and it serves you for the longest time possible.

We serve Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, and surrounding areas.!

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Spark Plugs Change

When was the last time you changed your spark plugs? The Smart Choice Auto Maintenance replacement services, done based on your manufacturers’ directions, helps to ensure the best performance.

What does Smart Choice Auto Maintenance do?

Our car mechanics remove and replace the spark plugs and inspection the ignition system according to your car manufacturer’s instructions.

How it works

The function of the spark plug is to ignite the fuel/air mixture to produce energy that powers the engine. With time, constant usage degrades the performance of the spark plug, leading to loss of power and fuel economy. We recommend that you replace your spark plug according to your car manufacturer’s instructions.

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Gear Replacement

From cagy judders to trying to get your car into gear, gear problems come in different forms. To determine if there is a problem with your clutch, experts at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance will diagnose your car before giving you a repair quote. We are known all over UAE for offering exceptional value, and we always go out of the box to price match our competition.

Besides, we do not conduct any repair services on your car without your consent. Therefore, be assured that your vehicle is always in safe hands when you come to Smart Choice Auto Maintenance.

“How DO I Know when By Gearbox or Clutch is Faulty?

If you doubt the gearbox or clutch of your car is in good shape, call and arrange a thorough diagnosis with one of our auto technicians. However, here are some common signs to watch out for:

  • Grinding or rattling noise when shifting gear.
  • Not being able to engage gears.
  • Problem getting your car into gear.
  • An intense, burning smell.
  • The RPM of the engine increases, but the speed of the vehicle remains the same.
  • Juddering when driving away from stationary positions.

If you are looking for world-class performers to gear replacement for your vehicle, talk to us today on +971 52 939 4400 to book for a clutch diagnosis.

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Alternator Change

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance Makes Alternator Replacement Hassle Free!

The alternator is responsible for all the electrical operations of a car while on the running. It also ensures the battery is always charged. An alternator, just like other parts of the car, can malfunction. Here are some common problems for alternator / generators:

  • Dead or stalled engine.
  • The charge light of the car remains on while functioning.
  • Slow cracking state after the car has been in operation.
  • Poor electrical accessory, including wipers and lights, when the vehicle is operating at low speeds.


We advise that before you replace the alternator; we conduct a battery and charging system test.

Why Is It Important to Replace the Alternator?

There are many benefits to replacing an alternator. A new alternator will:

  • It makes it easy to start the engine, extends battery life, and helps to stop a no crack condition.
Our services include:

Replacing the old alternator and diagnosing alternator mounting hardware and bracket. We will then install a new alternator and alternator belt and ensure tension and alignment are in line. Then, we will test it for proper function.

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Fuel Injector Testing and replacement

Fuel injection cleaning services from Smart Choice Auto Maintenance- expert fuel injector testing and replacement!

Just like other parts of the engine, fuel injectors get dirty too. The performance of the injector depends on the perfect functioning of the computerized fuel injection engine.

Fuel injection testing and replacement from Smart Choice Auto Maintenance gives you guaranteed drive quality.

Unlike other car components, fuel injection has the best tolerance. It is important to conduct regular servicing on the injectors to improve fuel economy, maintain performance, and less exhaust pollution. Also, this will extend the life of other important parts, such as the catalytic exhaust and lambda sensor.

Our team of auto technicians boasts years of experience. They use only the latest fuel injection cleaning equipment to deliver affordable, efficient, and beyond that, a full service that will restore drive quality and fuel efficiency, while curbing emissions from your engine.

If you think your vehicle will benefit from a fuel injection testing and replacement, speak to us and learn more about the different techniques we use to clean fuel injection systems.

Warranty info:

Serviced injectors are sure to flow as assessed at the time of repair and when shipped from Smart Choice Auto Maintenance. Injectors are delicate. They can easily damage if improperly installed or removed.

Warranty can not cover failure of an injector due to improper installation or removable. Therefore, it is important to follow your manufacturer installation instructions when replacing or removing injectors.

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Front and Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Change

Any time your car makes weird loud noises, it is safe to think something is amiss. Sometimes, the problem may be your vehicle’s wheel bearings.

Getting Your Wheel Bearings Diagnosed

Your car uses a wheel bearing at the center for smooth rotating of the tire and rim, at low and high speeds. Because bearings are rotating components, it wears down with time, with regular usage slowly.

When wholly worn out, the wheel bearing may racket when you drive. This is the time you need to hire a qualified auto technician to replace the old parts with new wheel bearings, to restore your car to optimum working condition and reduce poor ride quality and distressing noises.

Warning Signs of Bad Wheel Bearing

At first, when bearings will squeak loudly when driving. Consider replacing the bearing if the noise persists. If you do not replace your wheel bearing on time, your car may feel shaky, especially when you are driving at high speeds.

Understanding the Cost of Wheel Bearing Replacement

To understand the condition of the wheel bearings, our car mechanics must first check wear on different parts, from brakes and tires, to control arms and tie rods to find the root course of the vibrations and noise.

Often, the diagnostic process will immediately identify the front wheel bearings as the leading cause. Once the diagnosis confirms this, our specialists will create a work order, including the total amount for replacing the wheel bearings.

How Smart Choice Auto Maintenance Replace Wheel Bearings

Our car mechanics have received extensive training for replacing wheel bearings correctly. We use heavy-duty equipment in our auto repair center, such as the large press, for removing the wheel bearings from the center. In many cars, we have to remove the rotor, tire, and hub to get to the bearing mounting point.

Once we place the hub in the press, it will take us a couple of minutes to replace the wheel bearings. We will also press the new bearings into the hub to fit their rear part at the correct point.

After conducting services, our car mechanic will take your car for a test drive to analyze the ride quality and noise levels. If everything is perfect as we want, we will return your car to you.

So, is your vehicle squeaking?

Most times, noise in a car is caused by wheel bearings.

Let Smart Choice Auto Maintenance conduct diagnosis, and we will explain to you how we can repair or replace the wheel bearings to bring your car back to life.

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