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Engine Repair / Replacement

Car Engine Repair: One primary function of the car engine is to convert energy to mechanical motion. Without the engine, your vehicle is as good as dead. While the engine is reliable, it is still prone to breakdown and damage. And when this occurs, don’t stress at all.

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Take your car to a technician for engine repair or replacement. Come to Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, for quality engine replacement and repair services. The engine converts energy into useful mechanical motion. This amazing machine keeps your vehicle moving. Although reliable, a car engine is susceptible to damage and breakdown. When this happens, do not sit and stress over it.

Engine Repair
Engine Mountings Replacement

Engine Replacement

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance provides engine replacement services at affordable rates. From belts to part replacements and timing, we will bring you on board to discuss the cheapest way to repair your car.
In certain situations, individual component replacement such as short motor or crankshaft may be too expensive than replacing the entire engine. Do not worry, though; we will explain all the options to you so you can make an informed decision.
We provide engine replacement while adhering strictly to the manufacturer’s guidelines, which provides an annual warranty (this depends on the manufacturer) and a standard minimum mileage.

Engine Repair

Engine Flushing

The benefit of engine flushing is that it removes sludge and other clogged up components from the lubrication of the engine. As a result, the oil ways become clean, extending the life of the engine. Periodic engine flushing at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance helps various parts of the engine remain clean to function at maximum levels.

Engine Repair

Engine Coil Change

Also known as an ignition coil, the engine coil converts ignition voltage to high voltage (12 volts to 20,000+ volts), which spark the plugs. The number of ignition coils found in an engine depends on the model of the car and year of make.

Old vehicles have a single coil that covers all cylinders, while the latest models have coil-on-plug type design. This means that every cylinder has its designated ignition coil.

– Can You Drive with Engine Ignition Coil Problem?

While it is possible to drive with a malfunctioning ignition coil, your car will lose a lot of power and reduce fuel efficiency. However, this won’t result in immediate safety problems.

However, coil malfunction prompts unburnt fuel to penetrate and permanently destroy the catalytic converter due to overheating.

– How Do You Know Your Ignition Requires Replacement?

Hard starting or no start at all. As we mentioned, ignition coils are affected by electrical overload and heat damage, both of which may cause total failure. So, if the coil has issues, your car won’t start.

If your car starts, you may notice poor acceleration or loss of power—this is mostly because of a bad ignition coil.

– How We Replace Engine Coil

We check the ignition to make sure it is in the “off” position. For cars with a single coil. We disconnect either from the bracket inside the engine compartment or within the distributor. Our technicians then secure the replacement coil and reattach all the electrical connections.

As for the coil-on-plug applications, we detach the coil from the individual spark plug and replace it. And then reattach all the electrical connections once we secure the coil in place. We then test the car to ensure it is regularly working.

Engine Distributor Change

Engine Distributor Change

The engine distributor is an electro-mechanical part found in the ignition system of your vehicle. Its primary function is to provide time and distribute spark in the cylinders.

– Is it Safe to Drive with an Engine Distributor Issue?

You can drive your vehicle with a faulty distributor, but fuel consumption will increase, the engine will function poorly, and emissions will increase.

– When to Consider Professional Care

Damaged or worn out bushings can cause eccentric or wobbling rotation of the rotor, leading to loss of power, misfires, poor mileage, and rough idle. If the pin that secures the shaft drive gear breaks, it may cause complete damage of ignition.

If you notice visible oil leaks on your car, then the issue may be the engine distributor. Typically, the distributor is connected to the engine, and both internal and external seals prevent oil from leaking at the point where the engine attaches to the distributor.

We can efficiently service External O-rings, but if internal oil leaks occur because of a worn shaft, we may have to replace or rebuild the distributor.

– How We Can Replace the Distributor

Our technicians will conduct diagnostic tests to check the status of the distributor and disconnect the negative cable of the battery. If the distributor is in repairable condition, our specialist will rebuild it, but if it is beyond repair, we will install a new distributor and a new rotor and cap.

Car Engine Overhauling

Engine Overhauling (Piston, Boring)

Engine overhauling involves removing, disassembling, cleaning, inspecting, repairing, and testing the engine to ensure it works accordingly.

The overhaul procedure involves honing, bearing, new piston rings, oil seals, and gaskets. Engine wear usually is because of improper vehicle operation and inadequate lubrication, which is also referred to as momentary oil flow discontinuation.

Momentary inadequate lubrication can occur because of cold engine excessive load, extreme engine load at high and low RPM and old pump oil, aggressive or the clogging of oil passages.

After working for many years, your vehicle’s engine automatically deteriorates. If you need a new engine and don’t want to purchase a new car, engine overhaul can help you save money.

Our experts at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance will replace or repair all the rundown parts of the engine.

Engine overhaul is complicated. Therefore, always work with a reliable auto repair shop. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance has an extensive history of delivering quality service in areas around Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman.

Engine Mountings Replacement

Engine Mountings Replacement

An engine mount that is machined from steel and rubber has two leading roles: absorb the rod shocks and vibrations and to secure the engine and transmission to the car frame.

When the mount breaks, the transmission and engine are less secure and are highly susceptible to shock and vibration, consequently damaging different parts of your vehicle.

Allow us to diagnose your vehicle for any mounting problems and do the replacement in no time. Our specialists are knowledgeable and highly skilled in carrying out a mounting replacement.

Engine Mountings Replacement

Engine Starter Replacement

Starters are crucial components of your vehicle’s engine, and if they don’t function properly, your vehicle will fail. Seek professional help as soon as your car develops starter complications. At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, we have auto mechanics who can solve any problem with the starter, to get you back behind the wheel as soon as possible. Visit our website and schedule an appointment today.
Engine Mountings Replacement

Engine Tuning

Are you looking for more power for your car? Our dynamic tuning techniques can squeeze more power out of your vehicle. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance offers the best tuning options in the UAE. From OBDI tuning to piggybacks, we have everything set for you. Specializing in different car models and makes is our passion. We are confident that we have the perfect tuning option for your car, too. “Why are tune-ups important for my car?” You are probably wondering. Tune-ups help to improve the performance and safety of your vehicle by making sure that faulty or worn components are replaced quickly. Tune-up will help your car achieve maximum performance and fuel efficiency. Call us today for more information!