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Car Oil and Filter Change

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is your car oil and filter change experts. We handle many vehicles from personal to fleet and passenger vehicles.

Top Car Oil and Filter Change Service in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman

Car Oil and Filter is what fuels your car engine. To date,we has saved the lives of many vehicles by offering oil change services to engines. Our oil change service packages are reasonably priced to maintain your car’s engine’s efficiency.

At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, you will receive world-class service with zero-cost inspection and other services, too. Our experienced car mechanics will inspect your engine fluids and air filter thoroughly and provide you a full report about the status of the engine.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance will help you select the best car oil and fillter for your vehicle type from amongst the following oils:

Traditional Oil


  • Affordable.
  • Daily usage of your car is not subjected to extreme road conditions or weather.
  • It offers excellent performance, protection, and sludge protection.


High Mileage Car Oil


  • Reduces oil depletion.
  • Lost compression repaired.
  • Leaky and worn seals refilled.
  • Ideal for engines with high miles.


Synthetic Blend Car Oil


  • Ideal in extreme climatic conditions.
  • Cleaning, performance, protection, and enhanced fuel economy.


Full Synthetic Car Oil


  • Ideal in extreme weather.
  • It offers the same protection as the synthetic blend and highly advanced.

Check your car’s manufacturer’s instructions for an car oil replacement, and if it is due, drive it to our car oil and filter change workshop today. You can also schedule an online appointment with us by requesting an oil replacement service. For quick reach, call +971 52 939 4400 for professional help or email at [email protected]

 Car Oil and Filter Change

Auto specialists recommend replacing the oil and oil filter by the oil monitor index used in a lot of cars or at intervals. If your vehicle doesn’t use synthetic oil, we recommend you replace the oil and oil filter every 3000 miles or three months. Replace synthetic oil every 5000 miles or five months. This is an excellent way to optimize engine protection.

What Smart Choice Auto Maintenance Includes?

  • Oil and filter replacement.
  • Engine oil replacement.
  • Removing old oil from your car.
  • Replacing the oil filter with a new basic design.

If you do not know the right oil for your car, we can help you choose the right one, and we shall quote the price for oil and filter replacement. If you need fresh oil, our auto mechanics will let you know at the time of the service.

Gear Oil and Filter

The performance and safety of your vehicle rely on proper fluid levels and consistent fluid flushes.

Details of our Services

Gear oil and filter change conducted by the experienced mechanics at our service locations include:

  • Checking leaks and cleanliness.
  • Cleaning off fuel system parts.
  • Changing fluids with new fluid to the right levels.


Is Gear Oil and Filter Change Service Necessary for my Vehicle?

With time your car’s essential fluids such as power steering, brake, and transmission fluids become less efficient in cleaning, cooling, and lubricating, cause problems like transmission overheating, or worse, failure.

Benefits of Our Gear and Filter Services:

  • Increase your vehicle’s performance.
  • Increase the lifespan of the transmission.
  • Curb dangerous emissions.
  • Restore the fuel-system for maximum fuel economy.
  • Prevent future expensive fuel-system repairs.


“How Often Should I Flush Out Fluid from My Vehicle?”

Your gear oil and filter should be checked and worked on at every oil replacement. Fuel system flushes should be done after every 24,000KM (15,000 miles) or per year. Meanwhile, automatic transmission fluid flushes should be performed after 40,000KM (24,000 miles) or after 24 months.

Consider gear oil and filter change if you notice the following signs on your car:

  • Dashboard warning lights come on.
  • Constant fluid top-offs needed.
  • Fluid stains in your parking spot or driveway.


Brake Oil Change

Put a Break on Your Brake Problems with Our Repair Services!

Squeaky brakes are the first things you will notice when your brakes are undergoing wear and tear. Servicing them before things get worse could save lives and money. Our mechanics provide different brake services, including Brake Oil Replacement.

Brakes are among the most vital parts of your vehicle. Do not risk your life and that of your loved ones until the brakes give out. Have a specialist at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance conduct brake oil change for your car.

The fluids in your vehicle keep it working perfectly. Just like other systems in the car, they must be cleaned and replaced regularly. Brake fluid should be flushed out and changed to keep your car functioning at optimum levels.

Changing brake oil at the right levels ensures extends your car’s life. We provides brake fluid change services for most models and makes.

Power Steering Oil Change

Keep Your Car Functioning Its Best with A Full-Service Oil Replacement!

Your vehicle has either a mechanically or electronically powered belt that fuels its power steering pump. The pump moves the steering fluid to the steering gears, and this allows for responsive, smooth steering control while on the road. With time, this food becomes less efficient and can be terminated.

Our skilled power steering oil change specialists can diagnose the conduction of the power steering system, and if need be, we will carry out a full power steering fluid flush and change to restore it to its normal state.

We can provide your steering system with fresh oil that meets your manufacturer’s standards. We use only world-class power steering fluid and cleaners for these procedures. If there is another severe case with the power steering pump or belt, our auto mechanics can provide services for that.

Transmission Oil Change

Automatic Transmission Oil Replacement Made Easy

Transmission fluid replacement services will ensure your gears shift smoothly. Our certified mechanics carry out this service in less than 20 minutes while you wait at the convenience of your vehicle. You could save between 25% and 50% with us.

We recommend that you replace transmission fluid at regular intervals. Check your vehicle’s manual or contact us on +971 52 939 4400 for a free consultation.

The transmission changes gears while speed changes. The goal is to optimize performance while using less fuel possible.

Accumulation of impurities in the fluid can cause debris, which case delayed shifting, overheating, and transmission failure.

How Our Services Can Help

Transmission oil change can ensure your car shifts smoother by minimizing wear on transmission gears and components, reducing your risk of transmission failure and costly repairs.

Reach us on +971 52 939 4400 for professional help or email at [email protected]