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Car Electrical Repair

Battery Change Service

Without the battery, your car engine won’t start. It is the battery that brings your car to life. So, it is crucial to know the genuine power of the battery. By choosing Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, you are getting high-quality battery replacement service, topped up with excellent customer service.

We are one of the leading car battery replacement service in areas including Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. We work with only certified and knowledgeable auto mechanics to provide you with world-class battery replacement services.

How We Work for Car Electrical Repair

For the best result, our technicians will test the battery in its “rested state”- before we start the engine. When the engine is on, resistances and voltage in the battery change, and this may compromise the test result. So, we always start by conducting a battery test to determine if it needs replacement or not.

Battery failure is the leading cause of car breakdowns. Therefore, to ensure your adventures remain smooth. Call +971 52 939 4400 for quick battery replacement.

Best Car Electrical Repair – Wiring

Your car will only function properly if the battery and the alternator work in harmony. If there is a problem with the car electrical system, contact us to run a diagnostic check.

The results will help us decide the next course of action. We will review the findings in your presence and project the cost of repair before servicing the car.

It is important to start repair immediately because it is the car electrical system that supplies power to the cooling systems, ignition, engine control, air and heating conditioner, the security of the car, and lighting. Any issues with the car electrical system may mean your vehicle has dire problems.

Professional and Reliable Car Electrical Repair Services

Our dedication to delivering soft and hard services to our customers allows us to have total control over the quality of delivery, cost efficiencies, and flexibility of service. We provides a wide range of electrical wiring repairs.

Call us on +971 52 939 4400 for more information!

Headlights, Rear Light, Indicator Change in Car Electrical Repair

The lighting system is an important part of vehicle safety and needs constant repair and replacement when necessary. You will know it’s time to call us when the headlights, indicator, or tail lights are no longer bright as they once were or when they go out.

But whatever problem it is, we are a phone call away!

A car lighting system has many lights, all of which you depend on to provide communication with other motorists and visibility while on the road. So, problems with the lights must be identified and remedied immediately by a skilled technician.

Because the market is flooded with different light bulb brands and types, replacing bulbs is not as easy as it sounds.

You may think you can do it by yourself, but not having the experience and equipment can be expensive- bring your vehicle to us today to have the light bulbs checked and replaced with one of our specialists.

Types of Car Lights that we Replace under Car Electrical Repair Services


Your vehicle’s headlights are at the front and help to improve visibility while on the road. Headlights have two settings: high and low beams. The former is directed downward and provide sufficient lighting without blinding you.

You can also use low beams during the day ad daytime running lights. The latest car models come with these lights automatically on when you switch on the engine. If your vehicle doesn’t have this feature, you can switch on the headlights manually for daytime driving safety.

High beams provide more light than low beams. And because they can blind you and other drivers, only use them when there are fewer cars on the road or when driving on poorly lit roads.

Our specialists can replace faulty or old headlights at a cheaper cost.

Car Tail Lights

Also known as rear lights, the tail lights help to improve the visibility of your vehicle to other motorists. The rear lights are read indicators behind your car and are activated when you turn on the headlights.

Even though your car may have automatic daytime running lights, some cars don’t have automatic nighttime lighting, including rear lights. You should determine your vehicle’s lighting system to make sure you have rear lights in places with low visibility, especially during heavy rain or at nighttime.

If you know little about rear lights, contact one of our specialists at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance for more information and to assess if your vehicle needs back light replacements.

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Car Signal Lights/ Indicator Lights

The indicator lights are on both the front and rear edges of your car and blink to communicate to other motorists when you want to change lanes or make a turn. Indicator lights play a vital role in the driver’s safety and other motorists.

You should replace your indicator lights immediately if they stop working or if they are dim.

Why Get Your Lights Replaced at our Car Electrical Repair Workshop?

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is available in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman, ready to help!

Because of the many types of light bulbs on the market, replacing exterior lights of your car can be stressful if not complicated. If you buy the wrong bulb, you can end up spending a lot more on repairs.

For instance, minor plastic pieces on your light bulbs are prone to breaking, especially if you are using the wrong tools. Our team of car mechanics is trained to use the right tools to solve lighting problems in all car models and makes.

Did You Know?

Lighting diagnosis is part of every car repair and maintenance service that we offers?

What’s more:

We are more than glad to provide light check any moment upon request. At no cost! Visit our auto repair center either in Sharjah, Dubai or Ajman, today.

You can also reach us on +971 52 939 4400 or [email protected]