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Car AC Repair Service

Car AC Gas Leakage Check

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Smart Choice Auto Maintenance provides quality car AC gas leakage check services in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. Our highly skilled auto mechanics are familiar with all AC repairs. They can diagnose issues and discuss the right solution with you and then fix the gas leakage issue in your car.

We repair all models and makes. So, be assured that your car will be returned to you in excellent condition.

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Why Consider Our Services

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance offers a complete range of car repair services in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman.

We can help you with car AC gas leakage. We are well-conversant with all car models and makes.

  • We solve issues with a wide range of cars.
  • We are friendly yet professional.
  • We do our work diligently.
  • Same day services for most maintenance and repairs.


Car AC Gas Filling

Only an experienced auto car repair mechanic can handle the car AC gas filling task. When the car AC underperforms and ceases being “ice cold,” it is time to re-gas it.

Why Car Ac Gas Filling Should be a Priority

Lack of coolant is one reason for AC gas issues. The function of the refrigerant is to reduce the temperature of the evaporator coils. When the coolant isn’t working properly, the AC won’t work. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance has specialists that can determine the problem with your car AC gas system and refill it accordingly.

If you are looking for a reliable car AC gas filling specialist in Sharjah, Dubai, or Ajman, call us today on +971 52 939 4400 or email at [email protected].

AC Compressor Replacement

The AC compressor is vital in keeping your entire vehicle cool. But just like any other vehicle part, an AC compressor can stop working with time. If this happens to your car, our specialists at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance will replace yours.

Also, we will be happy to answer your questions, addressing issues such as why the AC stopped working and AC compressor replacement cost.

The AC Compressor Replacement Process

Replacing the AC compressor varies based on the situation at hand. It can be complicated and dangerous if measures are not taken. At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, we typically follow these important steps:

Finding the Cause

Various factors may cause the AC compressor to fail. One of our specialists will test the issue as it may develop again if not correctly addressed. The AC compressor may stop working because of its age, but the damage to the entire system can be a factor.

How Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is Different

We know how the AC compressor is important to your vehicle, especially during the warm months of the year. Working with customers throughout Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman for 15+ years. We have gained a positive reputation because of our professionalism, commitment, and efficiency in doing the job perfectly, the very first time.

To know more about our AC compressor replacement services, contact us today!

AC Condenser Change

AC condensers are vital to the central air conditioning system. It comprises a compressor, a heat exchanger, and a fan. The role of the heat exchanger is basically to cool and condense incoming vapor in your car.

Several factors may keep your car AC condenser from working well, which can keep your vehicle from being as cool as it should be and cause unwanted expenses. All it takes is to replace the AC condenser to make your car comfortable and energy-efficient.

AC condenser change is the best option if your system is beyond repair if it is not up-to-date to meet the latest energy efficiency standards. The skilled auto mechanics at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance will change your car AC condenser for all car models and makes in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman.

We will share with you detailed information about the best AC condensers suitable for your car, install it with professionalism, and offer repair and maintenance services needed to keep it working smoothly and efficiently.

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AC Condenser Cleaning

Keeping your cool while on the road is important, especially in places such as Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman, where temperatures can balloon. Driving a vehicle with a non-functional or faulty AC condenser may cause road rage faster than you can ever imagine.

The AC condenser is a haven for foul smell and disease-causing viruses and bacteria that may give you severe respiratory complications.

That’s why the UAE has had many AC repair centers. It would be best if you were cautious when choosing an auto garage, working only with auto mechanics who understand car AC condenser and the entire AC systems to protect your health and your car.

The AC condenser, just like the compressor and evaporator, should be serviced often so you can always keep your car cool while driving. If your car does not provide the right cooling and there is a characteristic smell coming from the vehicle, there must be odor-causing microorganisms, which must be CLEANED out, pronto!

This is the time to contact your AC repair specialist at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance.

Why Smart Choice Auto Maintenance?

As with all other parts, our auto garage mechanics use the latest technology to clean AC condensers. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is a reputable car repair shop, servicing clients in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman.

Our AC condenser services include in-depth cleaning using unique sanitizing treatments and diagnosing and increasing refrigerant levels. So, before you get back on the road, ensure your AC condenser is up to the trip with a stop at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance.

AC Lines (Hose Pipes Cleaning)

Deadly solids and substances can accumulate in the refrigerant circuit, causing component damage. Your car’s AC unit must be flushed during repair and maintenance services, and more so when replacing the compressor.

The AC lines (Hose Pipes) to be specific are the perfect hideout for solid and harmful substances. They need proper cleaning. Smart Choice Auto Maintenance offers different flushing methods, based on the condition of the AC Lines in your car.

Reasons to Hire us to Clean your Vehicles’ Hose Pipes.

For the health of your car and yourself, do not hire just anyone to clean the AC hose pipes Our Smart Choice Auto Maintenance specialists have the right training and equipment for cleaning your hose pipes and get the job done.

Our AC line cleaners would be glad to offer professional services to you to help you save money and energy while protecting your car and health.