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Car Brake Repair and Replacement

Brakes are the most vital safety part of your vehicle. ABS (Anti-lock braking systems) have been used in cars for decades and help provide stopping power where there is poor traction with the road.

Anti-Lock Brakes

The role of the ABS is to prevent the wheels from locking up when hard braking in situations that may cause the vehicle to move out of control. In most situations, ABS systems allow you to stop your vehicle in the shortest distance and maintain steering stability.

ABS also track the speed of all the wheels and ensure they all turn at the same speed by releasing or applying braking pressure to each wheel. A sound ABS ensures control over your vehicle and reduces skidding, especially on slippery surfaces.

Nowadays, most vehicle’s feature ABS tech, and it becomes more effective and responsive with each new model produced on the market.

Car ABS Brake Repair / Replacement

ABS requires regular inspection and maintenance from a knowledgeable specialist to work safely and reliably. One of the significant tasks that specialists at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance do is to clean the sensors that track the wheel speed. The sensors are susceptible to grim and dirt, and if not cleaned, they may not work correctly.

We recommend that you make a brake inspection part of your regular maintenance schedule- along with tire rotations and oil changes. Having an experienced auto mechanic look at your ABS will make sure your vehicle is receiving the stopping power it requires and that the braking system protects the passengers.

What’s Included in Our Car Brake Repair ABS Replacement Service?

ABS replacement services include one of our highly trained UAE technicians, approved service protocol, and authentic replacement parts. This service focuses on all the brakes and will get rid of all parts while conducting a visual diagnosis. If the ABS is faulty, we will replace them as needed to secure stopping power at the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Have peace of mind with ABS replacement at our Car Brake Repair Workshop because we know your car’s needs and will only provide quality service to exceed your expectations, while restoring top performance.

Car Brake Repair Disc Skimming

We invest in an advanced disc skimming machine. We are one of the few auto garage centers in the UAE who have invested in this kind of equipment to save you money.

With our sophisticated machines, we will return the brakes to the factory-standard condition. The machine matches the disc to the hub.

In short, if the hub does not rotate as it should be, our disc skimming machine will handle this and correct it by compensating for it.

You should consider disc skimming when:

  • The discs are rusty or corroded.
  • Brakes feel spongy.
  • There are brake judder and vibration.


Professional Disc Skimming Work!

Brakes should be skimmed at least twice. The only time you need to replace your brake discs is when they reach minimum thickness.