Car Care Tips: Avoid Unnecessary Auto Repairs

Car Repair Tips

Car Care Tips: Avoid Unnecessary Auto Repairs

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance’s tips for extending the life of your vehicle and cutting down costs.

Here are detailed, but easy-to-follow tips on how to care for your vehicle to make it efficient and smooth to drive longer. Many of which may seem common sense, but you’ll be shocked; only a handful of drivers follow them.

car care tips 

Car Care Tips 1: Change Filters Regularly

Your vehicle’s air filter and oil filter become congested with time. So, it would be better to renew them regularly. Let a professional replace them as part of scheduled maintenance. However, both are simple tasks that won’t cost much.

Washing an air filter may extend its life. While you can “DIY,” it is always advisable to let a specialist such as the ones from Smart Choice Auto Maintenance do the filter cleaning and replacements. Make sure your auto repair specialists use high-quality filters, otherwise poorly manufactured ones could damage your engine in the long run.

Car Care Tips 2: Handle Your Car with Care: Drive Smooth

You want to drive with mechanical sympathy, don’t you? So, practice smooth driving in spite of whether the engine was warmed up. This will reduce wear and tear and eke out more kilometers per tankful.

Consider smooth inputs via the primary controls like pedals, gearbox, and steering wheel, which are vital.

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Car Care Tips 3: Use Air Conditioning.

Ever heard of the phrase, “use it or lose it?”. ACs need to be working, always. However, they usually leak gas with time, especially if you do not use them regularly. While turning off your AC may save fuel, you could end up spending more on re-gassing.

Car Care Tips 4: Replace Spark Plugs and Leads

Cars continue to become complex. Drivers try not to do their services. However, you can replace high-tension leads and spark plugs on your own to maximize your engine’s performance. But it would be best to consult your auto mechanic beforehand before you do anything else.

When an auto technician inspects the spark plug, they check if it has a light brown electrode and insulator- no signs of deposits, or wear, or melting. A spark plugin poor condition may mean a problem with your engine, or the component needs replacing.

If the plug is still new but has a gap between the insulator and the electrode, then the engine is the reason for poor performance. So, contact your nearest Smart Choice Auto Maintenance specialist for professional help.

If the leads show signs of wear or if they have cracked, have them replaced. Make sure only an experienced auto garage specialist carries this out.

Car Care Tips 5: Add Fluids Regularly

Fluids are the lifeblood of your car, and if you do not replenish them, expect serious consequences. Check the engine oil at least once after 14 days. Just open the bonnet and remove the dipstick to check the levels, which should be between the minimum and maximum marks. The brown oil levels should show a light-yellow color for the petrol engine.

Replace dark, dirty oil. Keep in mind. However, diesel engine oil collects soot during the combustion process, and so you shouldn’t be alarmed if you are used a diesel car. Also, ensure that you check the coolant reservoir fortnightly add 50% antifreeze and 50% distilled water, and a windscreen washer bottle.

It would be best, however, to hire a car mechanic to help you with all these as it can be time consuming to do.

Car Care Tips 6: Check Your Tires

Your car tires are the most vital safety feature. Therefore, it is essential to check them regularly, at least once a week. Under-inflated tires increase fuel usage. So, top them up to the right pressure as per the instruction in your vehicle’s handbook.

Watch Our Quick Video on How to Check Your Tire Pressure, Health, and Tread Depth.


Tire pressure differences between the front and rear tires. Some car specialists recommend rotating the tires to even out wear and extend tire life.

But we suggest using the least-worn tires on the back axle as under-steer is easier to manage the overseer.

Sometimes, you may be too busy to even check on your vehicle’s health. But don’t freight. You can hire a car technician to diagnose and carry out maintenance services for you while you focus on other essential things.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance is a leading car repair center in the UAE, serving Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman areas.

Follow above Car Care Tips and avoid sudden surprises with your vehicle health. 

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