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A Reputation Ten Years in the Car Repair Services

The auto mechanic experts at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance – Car Repair Service in Sharjah are readily available to cater to your auto repair and service needs. Our mission is to always keep you on the road and on the way to your destination.


Mission Statement

Credible, trustworthy, and transparent auto services are what fuel us at Smart Choice Auto Maintenance. Our mission is to make you safe on the road through our topnotch services and guidance.

We guarantee you peace of mind and a real sense of trust.

Our Vision

The needs of our customers are the heart of all that we do. We provide a wide range of services such as repairs, problem diagnostics, oil change and more. We have a team of highly specialized Quality Assurance Specialists to ensure the highest standards of work.

Core Values
  • Capability
  • Commitment to Customer Satisfaction.
  • Accountability at all Levels.
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Team Work
Smart Choice Auto Maintenance

Experienced Team

Professional team of technicians who have years of experience in auto repair and maintenance, satisfying clients throughout UAE.

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A Customized Approach

We know every vehicle is unique and hence requires a unique approach. So, we seek to understand your vehicle to know the best service and procedure that suits your needs.

Reliable Customer Service Team

Our goal is to provide smooth response service delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. Hence, we have a competent team of customer service specialists that is always available to respond to your requests, inquiries, and suggestions.

Quality & Safe Service

By hiring our auto technicians, you are working with a professional hand and mind, trained to achieve top results with your safety in mind.

Your Go-To Auto Maintenance Workshop, in Sharjah serving Dubai, and Ajman aswell.

At Smart Choice Auto Maintenance, we service vehicles in areas of Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. As one of the most trusted car maintenance experts in the country, our technicians offer different types of auto services, including:

Preventive Auto Maintenance Plans

“Where can I find a reliable auto workshop near me for preventive maintenance?” The answer is Smart Choice Auto Maintenance. Take better care of your vehicle by permitting our specialists to create a preventive maintenance plan for you.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance services are always proactive. We know the tricks to avoid breakdowns and expensive repairs. When diagnosing your car, things that we consider include:

  • Your driving patterns and habits.
  • Your vehicle’s age.
  • Recommendations from the manufacturer.

Drive over to Smart Choice Auto Maintenance today, Don’t Wait to Be Towed!

It’s cheaper and better to visit Smart Choice Auto Maintenance to get inexpensive services than to be towed by a truck. Regardless of your car’s condition, our technicians conduct the most reliable, apposite car maintenance in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.

In-depth Inspections, Precise Engine Analysis

Our auto repair experts will solve every problem, from oil changes to complex engine repairs. The first step for any car repair is the correct diagnosis. We find the exact cause of your car issues and provide the fastest and cheapest solution on the market.

Your car needs to get back on the road pronto! Our technicians will get it there. You also want an affordable price for auto servicing. Allow us to take care of your wallet with our different packages.

Smart Choice Auto Maintenance keeps you safe always by ensuring your car’s suspension, engine, fuel system, brakes, and more are working accordingly. We leverage the latest technologies when diagnosing and repairing your vehicle.


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