6 Reasons Why Your Car AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

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6 Reasons Why Your Car AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Car AC

A car air conditioner is an inbuilt system within your car that lets you control the temperature, inside. Like any other component, it can get faulty and break down and even stop to work. Your car AC releases warm air when it’s cold and cools the interior when it’s hot. 

However, you need to know that the air conditioner does not produce cold/cool air, it absorbs heat and moisture and leaves cold air. 

Understanding this might help you to figure out car air conditioning service your car may need:

So how do you know your air conditioner has a problem?

  • When turned on it releases a foul smell
  • The vents release warm air
  • There is no air coming out of the vents
  • Sometimes you may get strange noise once it’s on.
  • Getting water stains inside your car

A healthy car ac should work well in all conditions. However, you may notice the car ac system releases warm air instead of cold air when it is hot. If this happens, there’s definitely a problem to solve.

So, what causes the air conditioner not to release cold air?

You May Set To “Max” and Still Blows Moderate Air.

Ensure that the cabin filter for car air conditioner is unclogged. Also, check to ensure condenser is free from dirt, insects, bugs, etc. Use a manifold gauge to check the pressure.

The Compressor Can Compromise your Car AC Efficiency

While the clutch is engaging from the processor, switch on the air conditioner to *max cool* and increase the speed of the fun. However, if the clutch engages and releases quickly, then the refrigerant may not be working well or is faulty.

If the clutch does not engage at all, check if power is getting into the compressor. If there is no voltage at all, the fuse may be damaged or the refrigerant may not have enough pressure to fuel the compressor.

Leaks Can Be Dangerous

Leaks are common when it comes to Air Conditioners. Check all fittings and point of connections to ensure they are secure. Also, make sure the unit has no pinholes.

Is the Condenser May not Be Working 

The condenser may be blocked or broken. Either way, it will affect the air conditioner. Once the refrigerant is air-compressed, the condenser is supposed to cool it off. This is made possible with the air that moves from the front of the car as you drive.

If blocked or broken, it won’t be able to function. Check whatever is blocking the unit and remove it. Most condensers in the modern cars are placed on the front, thus can easily collect dirt and debris.

The Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant can leak at any part as long as the air conditioner is still on. While you may not know where the leak is, start your search with the AC unit hose connection. If there are leaks, you may notice traces of oil around it. 

Use a special sealant to cover the seals, or hire a uae auto technician to repair it for you. They say prevention is better than cure, don’t wait to get to a point where you must fix the car ac. 

The following tips could help you maintain your Car air conditioner:
  • Operate it regularly. Run it for 10 minutes each week, set it to the maximum then switch off. Maintain this routine throughout the year.
  • Always ensure that the air filter is clean from anything that may accumulate on the inside. the market is saturated with a variety of options for air filters, that are better in cleaning and filtering the air.
  • Maintain hygiene in your car parts. Do a thorough clean and unclogging of areas that get blocked. Also frequently check the condenser once you open the hood. You can use a pressure hose to clean out any dirt that could make the condenser perform any less.
  • Take your car for regular servicing. Most problems get to advance and spoil parts if not fixed on time. This may result in you replacing some parts, which may incur unnecessary costs that would have been avoided if fixed to on time.

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